Lou Principe has been teaching epistemology to major corporations, government agencies, individuals and helping the homeless and
those about to be released from prison for over 50 years. It's the study of how people  acquire knowledge. It  answers the question, "How
do we  know?" It encompasses the nature of  concepts, the constructing of concepts,  the validity of the senses, logical  reasoning, as well
as thoughts, ideas,  memories, emotions, and all things  mental. It is concerned with how our  minds are related to reality, and  whether
these relationships are valid  or invalid.  

Why is Epistemology important?  
Epistemology is the explanation of how  we think. It is required in order to be  able to determine the true from the  false, by determining a
proper method  of evaluation. It is needed in order to  use and obtain knowledge of the world  around us. Without epistemology, we  could
not think. More specifically, we  would have no reason to believe our  thinking was productive or correct, as  opposed to random images
flashing  before our mind. With an incorrect  epistemology, we would not be able to  distinguish truth from error. The  consequences are

The degree to which our epistemology  is correct is the degree to which we  could understand reality, and the  degree to which we could
use that  knowledge to promote our lives and  goals. Flaws in epistemology will make  it harder to accomplish anything.  

What are the key elements of a proper  Epistemology?  
Our senses are valid, and the only way  to gain information about the world.  
Reason is our method of gaining  knowledge, and acquiring  understanding.  
Logic is our method of maintaining  consistency within our set of  knowledge.  
Objectivity is our means of associating  knowledge with reality to determine its  validity. Concepts are abstracts of  specific details of reality,
or of other  abstractions. A proper epistemology is  a rational epistemology   

WorkForce Customer Service & Sales training with documented results.
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"It's not the strongest
species that survive,
nor the most
intelligent, but the one
most responsive to
Transformational Learning-changing the way a person thinks, holds the greatest potential for spiritual human growth.  
Transformational learning involves unlearning lifetime practices, acknowledging tacit assumptions, and forsaking deeply
held beliefs and habits.  The juncture between the emotional and cognitive aspects of learning poses the biggest
challenge to those who seek to enable effective and continuous learning in the workplace. Inspiration and motivation
must be present in order to have an impact on learning more so than any of the cognitive aspects of the learner’s
situation.   We can show you how to increase your profits dramatically by focusing in on a new type of training process
as old as time.

We will create an atmosphere within your company that encourages employees to think outside the box, to accept
challenges, and to stretch their sometimes-recalcitrant minds. Ninety five percent of a person’s success in life is going to
be determined by their attitude and communication skills.  Their ability to make another person’s mind receptive to what
they are saying and how to have the other person respond positively to what is being said

There are hundreds of letters and thousands of people who have attended this program.  All documentary evidence of
the uniqueness of this program and the outstanding result attendees achieve.

Do you want to bring about positive change in people’s lives?

Call Lou today to speak to your executives, front line employees, Free, provided we can ask for contributions.
We also work with the unemployed, the homeless, prisoners and ex-inmates after they are released.
Do you want the people in your organization to be spiritually inspired and motivated beyond their wildest expectations?
Whether you have a question or a message for Lou, want more information, or are ready to get involved in the work, we
are anxious to connect with you in a more personal way.  Please call or write us.
I’ve had many earthly titles in life, Professor, Colonel, Arbitrator, my most important titles are, Husband, Father and
Chaplain, Teacher.

The Principe Foundation is a non-denominational, non-profit tax exempt 501-3c ministry teaching faith based traditional
life skills.  Strength of character, honesty, integrity, persuasive communication, finding hidden talents, and many other
time tested principles.
The highest paid skills in the world are Social Intelligence Skills which aren't taught anymore, the ability to
communicate effectively with people and to look at all the possibilities are the secrets to success.

This program will motivate,and win you over to a new way of thinking. Lou will give you additional tools of the mind
that are measurable and specific in order to improve your life beyond your wildest expectations.

You will learn the ability to make another person’s mind receptive to what you are saying and how to have the
other person respond positively to what you said.  You will be encouraged to think outside the box, to accept
challenges and to stretch our sometimes-recalcitrant, (stubborn), minds.

You will walk out of this class knowing Lou is a master of his trade and your time was well spent.
#Justice for one
and all is
Lou Principe
Brain Surgeon
Lou had the President of the City
Council invite all the foundations,
houses of worship, politicians and
the public to City hall to hear him
speak. The only ones which didn't
show up were the politicians and the
ones living off of sacred foundation

Because for the love of people and
how he gets involved, he is now Rep.
Neapolitan Bracy of Alabama
Our mission in this earth life is to bring humanity to a higher Spirituality Level. We can reverse the trend of materialism, which
encourages people to take advantage of another. We are moving from a Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous, which is human
beings seeing the physical world at a much higher spiritual level. Mastery of our insights lets us access the higher Spiritual
Plane we are all trying to achieve.

The ability to realize we are part of Gods Plan, to know good from evil, light from darkness, and chose to serve the Greatest
Supreme Being in the universe, rather than be in a materialistic world which encourages the love of money, even if you have to
kill for it. Jesus left behind a religious movement radically different from traditional Judaism and from Roman paganism, the new
religion did not promise riches or power, but was based on the priority of loving God.

Jesus was asked which is the greatest commandment, he replied: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with
all thy soul and all thy mind. This is the first and greatest commandant; the second is like unto it, thou shalt love they neighbor
as thyself”. Jesus relentlessly attacked hypocrisy and spiritual posing. (Acts 4:36-5:11).

Love has existed from the very beginning of evolution. When love is self-illuminated its value is intensified by conscious
sacrifice.  No one will ever find God intellectually, you can find HIM in your heart.  Because the world is so evil and will become
much worse in the next five years, we do have the power within us to bring the truth about God into our daily lives to help
change the world, to correct the things we have done wrong, especially those in power, and to try to reverse the world of
materialism and consumerism to living our lives with the Spirit of God by loving one another.

The only Real Love is the Love for God which arouses an intense longing to serve HIM by serving humanity to bring the truth
about God to every human on earth. The only Real Sacrifice is our sacrifice to renounce all selfish thoughts to bring this
spiritual adjustment about.  We need to realize the only real existence is the One and Only God who’s Spirit is within all of us.
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I, Lou Principe, Mobile, Alabama interviewed a young lady, a victim of domestic violence on August 15, at 5 pm and arranged for
her to be transported by the Mobile Police Department.  She stated to me that her common law husband had a drug and alcohol
problem and that she fled the house leaving behind the four children ages from 1 year old to 6 years old.

I received a phone call from her stepfather on August 15, at 6 pm and he advised me that his son who lives with him in
Pensacola, was a witness to the common-law husband holding a child in his lap and holding a gun in his hand and playing with
the loaded gun. It was further stated that the person has been arrested for domestic violence with a weapons.

I called on August 15, to the Pensacola Police Department, they referred me to the Sheriff’s Department who referred me to
Florida Children and Families, who referred me to Alabama Children and families which after several attempts to hold, I was
constantly disconnected,

I called the news desk at the Press Register, Mobile’s largest paper and was told, no one can do anything about it. It’s the

I also called the Pensacola Tribune, Miami Herald and the New York Times explaining to each person I talked to that, four children’
s lives were in imminent danger.

I contacted the Mobile Office of the FBI at 12:30 am and was told that the mother had to call, he mother is afraid to call and has
given me permission to call for her.

I called at 1 am, Channel 7 in New York City and the response, what do you think we can do? We can’t do anything.

On Saturday, August 16, 2008, I called the State of Alabama Family Protect Unit and left a message at 1-800-230-9485 and I
called Office of Victim Assistance 1-800-626-7676

Have we become so callous of a society that we do not care for the lives of four children that may be in imminent danger?

Call the center for disease control to report a disease ON A WEEKEND: "CALL BACK ON MONDAY."

It seems if we ask a person the difference between apathy and empathy, they respond, “I don’t know and I don’t care”.

Louis Principe
Former Adjunct Professor University of North Florida

Mobile:   407 269 4980  in Colorado
While the United States is in civil war, realize you are going to die and be judged. What are you doing to save yourself from
damnation. Do you think you can buy your way out of outer darkness? I'm doing payback and you need to it as well, its the only way
to be saved.
This is what I've been doing for the past 15 years, a resource person people can go to,
even federal employees to report in their departments. I rattle cages as an FBI agent
told me. Every time I make headlines, laws get changed.
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