Do not worry about making mistakes. We will have to learn from those mistakes. A strong support team and
developing your relationship with God has to be.

We have a belief that there is a better life than the pathetic one that street-drugs brings you to. Street-Drugs can
be conquered! You can live your life without it. We are here to bring you truths about street-drugs.

Addiction is a disease. Addiction is the habitual use and feeling of need of a substance. Disease is a pathological
condition of a part, organ, or system of an organism resulting from various causes, such as infection, genetic
defect, or environmental stress characterized by an identifiable group of signs or symptoms. Possession is to
take control.

Street-Drugs takes a person's soul into control, even changing their character, attributes, traits, abilities, and
rapes them of their moral values, and keeps them from having a valuable life. This is true for both the person
using and those involved with the user. It is my belief that when a person uses Street-Drugs, it possesses their
body, soul and spirit.

Street-Drugs are the very breath of Lucifer. Street-Drugs is an evil force out to destroy those that are possessed
by it. A disease affects the individual. Street-Drugs effect everyone in your family, including you. No, Street-Drugs
can only possess you as long as you let it.

It can take 30-45 days to physically get rid of Street-Drugs from your body. This is just the physical possession.
The internal and intellectual possession is another battle in itself.

Once Street-Drugs are physically out of the body, it then becomes a temptation. Now that it is just a temptation, it
is up to us to resist Lucifer. This becomes a daily battle that we can win every day to stay Street-Drugs free

Before you start the process:

First you must view yourself as just a person who wants to stop Street-Drugs.
This is even if and when we say we don’t want to stop.
Second we must accept the fact that no one can do anything to make you stop using Street-Drugs. You must
choose what works for you to stop. If one way does not work, try another way.

Third, important item is to accept all progress however seemingly small and seemingly insignificant it is, as
success. When you fall, pick yourself up from where you fell, apply all the knowledge and progress you have
obtained and continue your program for living your life Street-Drugs free.

The fourth thing is…having hope in yourself. The hardest obstacle in front of you, is you. You have heard
testimony that living life without Street-Drugs is possible. Your experience with adverse situations will provide the
strength and desire for this new life.

Start with thirty days to cleanse, either in a treatment center which is preferred because of the medical things that
can happen when getting Street-Drugs out of your system, or you can devise a plan to do this at home.

This one would mean zero money, no car, no job, no phone, no alcohol, no drugs unless prescribed by a
doctor…nothing. It does not matter if you have a job because the money was already going to Street-Drugs

Go to church or a meeting or both. Start going to safe Street-Drugs places. Begin gathering your support team.
This does not have to be forever. It does need to be right now until the behavior and actions support a Street-
Drug  free daily pattern.

Read the bible or any other printed words of healing truths.

Write in a journal everyday. Writing is a wonderful and powerful tool, maybe the strongest.

Be safe in a safe place with safe people, ALWAYS! Do not go anywhere alone.
Always have a safe person with you. Do not be alone during this time, not for a minute, not for a second. Use
your own or any kind of support team to help you. Online chat groups are available during times when it is not
possible to have a person with you at home. Be safe in a safe place with safe people 24/7, no excuses.

Beginning the process of conquering Street-Drugs starts with:

1. Recognize the problem with Street-Drugs. Start a journal and make a list of all the problems in your life that
using Street-Drugs has caused.

2.  Eliminate anything or anyone that supports any use of Street-Drugs including family members, wives,
husbands, best friends, pipes, lighters, pop cans, money, jobs. Everything must go if it supports any Street-Drugs

3. Honesty. Be honest in everything you do. Truth heals all lies in time.

4.   Accept the fact you cannot control Street-Drugs; they control you when you allow it to do so.

5.    Believe in what God says rather then the lies Street-Drugs tell you.

6.     Improve on small simple living skills. Maybe learn to cook healthy meals, or take an exercise class, get your
GED, take a budgeting course, learn to   sew… do something to improve yourself.

7.  Isolate. Better to be alone and positive than negative in a crowd. Surround yourself with positive people,
things, pictures, books and things that promote positive life. Learn to like yourself. Believe how the mirror looks
back at you.

8. Doing this humbles you into hating that place Street-Drugs brought you. Go to the Internet and in the search
engines type in Street-Drugs and read all the horror stories caused by them
9.  Develop a positive attitude towards yourself, life and others.

10.        Talk about being possessed. Hearing thoughts out loud can be therapeutic. Stop fearing Street-Drug
freedom; it loves when you have fear. Street-Drugs terrorize you into fear. Fear to talk about it, fear to see a
picture of it, fear to share your story about Street-Drugs, and the fear goes on and on. Fear is not of God.

11.        Offer help to someone in need. It is amazing how this feels. Give of yourself and watch life transform into
a clearer picture. Give without expectations and you will receive rewards; this is found in scripture. Volunteer at a
nursing home or hospital.  Start a kids group or an Internet group. Another idea would be to join a group and
share what works for you. Speak your hearts desires out loud and your words will bring relief to your soul.

12.        Never give up regardless of what is going on. As long as you are breathing you can conquer Street-
Drugs. It does not matter how much you spent, or what you have sold or stolen to obtain street drugs, to
ultimately end up in jail. As long as you are going forward and progressing with better behavior, then those
around you might not give up either. Be completely accountable.

13. Pray for the strength to fight evil. Pray for support and for forgiveness to yourself. Scripture directs us to be in
prayer faithfully.


1. We believe in each success, not every failure.   Why? Because you cannot do anything about what you have
done but you can continue to progress in your journey to conquer Street-Drugs
2. We believe we have made mistakes, collectively and individually.  All of us have made mistakes in this journey,
either we used or acted in hurt and anger.

3. We believe we all experience the “drug-trap” both mentally and emotionally. We can see that Street-Drugs has
controlled the lives of the user and loved one's and completely depleting us of all our mind and body can handle.

4. We believe that when we stumble and falter, we get back up again and again.  Never give up! If you decide to
not get back up, Street-Drugs wins and you die.

5. We believe we do not know everything about Street-Drugs, but we know enough.  Knowledge is power!
Educate yourself. Learn everything possible about Street-Drugs. Such as how it is made and the effects on your
body. Find the history about the street drug you are using so history cannot repeat itself.

6. We believe we do not have the answer or answers, but will constantly seek for them. Seek and you will
find…keep seeking and destiny will find its path.

7. We believe this is not ‘just your’ problem, it becomes everyone’s problem.
Street-Drugs not only effects the users, but everyone surrounding the user such as wives, husbands, children,
family, store owners, presidents, government, people on the streets, people in buildings, neighbors, EVERYONE
is affected in someway. They may not know it yet. Share your story so someone can learn.

8. We believe true support will come in faith from a power greater than the evil of Street Drugs: We shall call this
greater power GOD. Everything is possible with God, including conquering Street Drugs.

9. We believe a safe residence, having proper clothes to wear and eating decent food is essential.  Feeling safe
is mandatory to being able to conquer Street Drugs.

10. We believe it is ‘my program’ and however ‘my program’ brings me to a Street Drugs life, is all ‘my program’
needs to accomplish. This is your life and you have to live it. Create what works for you to live Street Drug free.

11. We believe once ‘my program’ gets me to a Street Drugs life again, we must continue to update ‘my program’
and never believe it is over, because the devil’s candy’s sweetness got us once. Now we know the truth. Always
listen to new ideas and ways to stay away from Street Drugs. We need to constantly build our wall of separation
from Street Drugs
12. We believe this journey to living our life without Street Drugs could be the most difficult life long journey we will
ever have to travel. Street Drugs is a master at convincing you that you can have Street Drugs and a good life
too. The ultimate lie.

13. We believe divine intervention is there for all of us who were possessed or still are possessed by the devil’s
candy, and believe faith in GOD triggers the power.

If we ask for God's help HE will provide it. HE promised. Unfortunately we have to wait for our instructions in our
time, not HIS.

How do you know you are ready to conquer Street Drugs?

When you are willing to be accountable for every dime and all of your time. This means you must be willing to
have your paycheck direct deposited into an account that you do not have access to. One has to be willing to
answer all questions as to where they are going and where they have been. Be honest in everything you do. You
have to be willing to accept the hurt you caused and realize there is nothing you can do about the past, and
understand you can change the way some people feel about you in the future. By maintaining faith in God and
believing in yourself, it will happen .

Conquering Street Drugs is a process with many mistakes along the way. When we use what we learn and
don’t make the same mistake again, then we can start to feel that this can work. If you fall, get up and begin
moving forward immediately. Conquering Street Drugs can be a game and drug dealers do not want to lose. By
obtaining knowledge and practicing the new ways you have discovered, by gathering your team and practicing
our thirteen beliefs; then only you are in your way of accomplishing the journey to being drug-free forever.

How do you know when you have conquered Street Drugs?
When being completely accountable does not bother you. When you do not fear all the visuals and smells and
triggers that surround street drugs. When you share what works for you and help others start their journey. When
you can hold a job and manage your money. When you pay your bills on time. When you have pure fun again.
When God comes first and then your family. When you're satisfied with any of your accomplishments.

When you are at peace with your own heart and with your behavior. When you are loved.

When loved ones can trust you again. When you can live your life free from street drugs  without the assistance
of anything but your new found truths about what street drugs really are and where it is really coming from and
why. When you can live with yourself the way you are, then you are living your life drug free.

How long does this process of conquering street drugs take?

We don’t know. Everyone is different. For some it takes years

Everyone who reads this can live his or her life drug free if they want to! Not the 2% that is instilled in other
programs. We know the madness can be stopped. It is up to you to use the tools we have described. We are
proof we have discovered a unique way, maybe not the only way, but we do know our way eliminates the
possession. As long as we are contaminated or possessed, we will struggle to completely extinguish the urges
and thoughts and the horrible pull to street drugs. When we put it in superior hands, and believe this is what we
have to do, it starts to work. Slowly at first, then like a jet plane.

Yes, conquering street drugs is a process. Sometimes long and seems impossible and sometimes like a snap of
the fingers. Either way, it is possible. All things are possible with GOD.

Spiritual death is also possible with the master of deception; we call these Lucifer's lies. Once you get this, you
will be angrier that you took so long to stop being a drug-head.


1. Don't EVER let a drug-head have money.
2. Don't believe anything a drug-head says.
3. Don't leave valuables around the house when and if a      
Drug-head is present.
4. Don't believe you are the reason they are possessed by
5. Don't call their employer and make excuses for them.
6. Don't mask drug-possession with just an alcohol problem.
7. Don't give a drug-heads access to ANY vehicle.
8. Don't buy presents for ANY known drug-head ever.
9. Don't allow anything but DIRECT DEPOSIT to an account  
they cannot access.
10. Don't be afraid to say “NO, you are a drug-head”.
11. Don't pay any bills, rent, food, check charges, drug -dealer
debts, NOTHING.
12. Don't be afraid to confront their drug -behavior with truths
and facts.
13. Don't allow a drug-head free-rent if you choose to let them
live with you.
14. Don't protect a drug-head from drug -behavior
15. Don't offer more than "the streets" or "rehab"...that's it.
16. Don't chase them or drugs. Pray for safe return.
17. Don't be afraid to "GET THEM MAD".
18. Don't accept calling or coming home late again. Tell them -   
Go sleep at the drug house.
19. Don't be inconsistent.
20. Don't focus on perfection...focus on progress.
21. Don't expect immediate 100% freedom.
22. Don't be afraid to call the police.

I cannot take any credit for the above, I found the rules on the Internet & they are correct based on my
experience dealing with drug heads.
A PRIVATE  501c3 non-profit
To bring people out of the prison house of their mind.”  Isaiah 42:7