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Class Philosophy                                                Transformational Learning     
Lou will captivate, dazzle, and  inspire
you beyond your wildest expectations!
You will receive additional tools of the
mind that are transferable,  measurable
and specific in order to obtain bottom
line results.

We are creatures of conditioned reflex.
Once a response pattern is established
in terms of persuasion, then we can
persuade people to do almost anything.
Motivation and Inspiration must be
woven in to the learning module in order
to have an impact on learning more so
than any of the cognitive aspects of the
learner’s situation.
Philosophy is the study of general and
fundamental problems connected with reality,
existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and

Attendees will learn new insights in a fun, hands
on environment that will challenge their current
thinking in order to optimize their expectation factors
and communication skills.

The immediate results will be an  improvement in
company attitude with less employee turnover rate,
reduction in customer or public complaints, less
advertising dollars spent and an immediate increase
in productivity, sales and customer service.        
Former Associations
:Apperception: Greatest Principle of Communication
Types of Communication: Voice, Tone & Non-verbal
Deficiencies in Listening: The major source of waisted time,
miscarried plans and frustrated decisions.
Listening skills How to hear the underlying message
Reticular Formations: How to gain one's attention
Sub-conscious subliminal messages
Laws of Society:
Don't you feel obligated when someone does
something for you?
Delegation: Gopher vs. Stewardship
Pygmalion Management: Law of Expectations.
Problem Solving Skills: What steps to take in any situation.
Time management:  Do you confuse activity with Team
Building: Maximize  performance by instilling a greater sense of
teamwork, company pride and personal commitment among
program participants capable of being shared with  co-workers,
family members and society.  
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