Casper Louis Principe
Comments on this seminar have been corroborated by many other attendees. I believe that this seminar is his
unique and effective method of motivating real estate professionals." Bill Manck, Director, SBDC, College of
Business Administration, University of South Florida.

"We doubled sales with average prices of $500,000." Hank Berg, William Trump, Williams Island, Fl

International Sales & Marketing Director / Training Consultant for Trump's Williams Island, Harbor Island, Fisher
Island, Oceana, One Island Place, Biscayne Bay.  All condominium developments in Miami Beach.  Selling prices
start at $300,000 to over $8 Million. Traveled extensively to South America, Mexico and Italy promoting
How to
Buy Real Estate in Florida Seminars
. Networked with International Brokers from South America, Russia,
England, Italy and Germany.

Main Speaker at the International Congress of Realtors on:
“How to Sell Real Estate to South Americans.
Convention speaker for National and local HBA's and Realtor Conventions.

Started a Customer Acquisition Program,
HOW TO BUY A HOME SEMINAR, on the West Coast of Florida for
Avatar Holding Corporation, Florida’s largest landowner of developed lots.  Sold an average of six homes on a
Tuesday night for a year. Reported directly to Mr. Jacobsen, C.E.O.
Principe, former director of Florida Real Estate College, had
been selected as Real Estate Editor for Southern Homes
He was chosen because of his impressive credentials. "He
has extensive background marketing billions of dollars of
Florida real estate by presenting ongoing ‘How to Buy a
Home’ Seminars and sales motivational seminars for builders
and Realtors.

US Home, all 14 divisions,
from Georgia to California,
from Ft. Myers to
Washington D.C.
Lennar Homes,  
DR Horton,
David Weekly,
IBM's Business Partners
Merrill Lynch
State Farm Insurance
Computer companies,
Government agencies
Prisons, jails and
homeless shelters.

We custom design programs
specifically for your needs.

Link to reference letters.

Professional Builder: HOW TO MAKE
Jacksonville Business Journal: First
Building Homes & Profits:  Mastering
Leadership in Home Sales.  
University of South Florida, College of
Business: Principe’s Principle
Jacksonville Times Union:
Guaranteed to Increase Your
Business 25% Within a 30 Day
Period! We Guarantee it!
The University of Central Florida's
newspaper:  The Central Florida
Future: Hungry to Make Some Money
in Real Estate?
Builder’s News: A Self-Defense
Course for Builders
Florida Home Builder: Unlimited
Potential Reached by Controlling
Bonded Builders News: How to Build a
Super Sales Force
Realtor News: How to Sell to South

Bob Strudler, U.S. Home: "We hired Principe to be an objective set of eyes for us. He did increase sales in the Tampa
Division an amazing 1,000% as documented by Dean Bill Manck, College of Business, University of South Florida.

"We really appreciate your time and assistance in training our sales people. In just 2 months we sold 42
condominiums." Laurie Brooks Lyons, Developer Key Biscayne

"Your selling program has contributed significantly to doubling our sales." C.J. Hopper, V.P. The Waterways

"I have used Lou Principe as a sales trainer for a number of years. His program does increase sales actively and
efficiency. He is a man of his word who gets the job done." Bob Flock, V.P. Engle Homes

"The results our salespeople achieved exceeded our expectations. We obtained 13 additional sales in one month
alone. Mr. Principe is a man of his word who gets results. He is a blue chip investment." Ron Girard, Sales Manager,
Ryan Homes

"I never thought I would thank someone for a blow to the back of my head. Working and watching the Principe Program
all last week gave me and my entire staff a positive attitude and a total update of our selling skills. Thank you." Harold
Lasky, Sales Manager, Lennar, Clearwater

"I saw and felt more excitement in my members than I have in months. A renewed spirit can do amazing things for a
bogged down career, and that is what you gave them...renewal, purpose and excitement." Jackie Putnal, Lake County
Realtors Assoc.

"My fellow attorneys and I both agree that you are one of the most knowledgeable brokers in this country when it comes
to condominium projects and all other areas of real estate." Stephen Goodman, Attorney

"Anyone who feels he can not learn and be better "fine-tuned" should seriously consider another career. You have
provided me with yet another plateau of education." Pete Austgen, Largo, Retired Major, USAF

"We found the training you delivered to be informative, thought provoking and most importantly, proactive. We are
currently employing your system with a significant increase in our closing ratios." Charles R. Chastain, Oakbridge
Development, Lakeland

"Lou is a pioneer in psychological selling. His seminar has helped me tremendously. I was a student of his 16 years
ago, but every word has stuck with me. I've been using his techniques since then, with great success. I've attended a lot
of sales training seminars, but his was the best; it taught me the most." Karmen Worrell, Broker, Tampa

"I sold, 27 homes in 12 weeks." Ron McInnis, New Port Richey

"I sold 12 homes in one month, I bought a new home." George Rohlings

"After the meeting, I sold three homes in one week." Laurie Fields, Largo"

First, I liked the small group, almost a one to one basis, your not on a stage addressing hundreds of people. If there
was a question, we could ask for clarification. We could talk about our specific problems. Secondly, by role playing with
us, I could better understand and put into practice the principles you were teaching. It was educational, informative,
professionally presented and enjoyed by me and my sales people." Irwin Karpay, Tampa Builder

"Lou Principe trained our 9 salespeople and increased sales 55%." Pat Roaderick, Oak Run Development, Ocala.

"Your presentation had a positive impact on our two sales teams. We learned a lot from your program." Harvey Erp,
Spruce Creek Development

"As a Real Estate Instructor for Central Florida Community College, your seminar was the best I have ever attended.
You changed my life, attitude and income." Tom Cafaro, Instructor/Broker Ocala"

Lou Principe has been a tremendous asset in training our sales personnel." Linda Hjort, Sun State Development

"I left the seminar with energy I have not felt in years. Your many ideas and experiences, your interplay with the
audience and your gentle and warm presentation made it a delightful experience." Susan Black, Miami

"It's a self awareness course where you evaluate your own strong points and weaknesses. You gave the motivation to
take the initiative and improve. You have a great outlook on life." Donna Collins, Tampa

I've always guaranteed Realtors, builders and corporations
to increase their sales 25% within a 30 day period.
Read the reference letters and view the videos.

I'll show you the path to be in a position to earn a million dollars over the next two years in real estate.  
You probably never thought of it, because you thought you couldn’t do it, at least up until now.  

I have purchased property with no money down, with no personal liability and I’m willing to teach you
for free, provided we train, coach and manage you. When the profits come in, we keep 20%, you
receive 80% because you earned it by working smarter, not harder.  Please watch the videos below, a
few minutes of your time will be the best investment you have ever made, contact us for full

My Real Estate mentors were Col. Joe & Ida Baum,  they had Florida license #s 2 & 3.
In 1968 Mr. Baum told me I might be killed being a Hollywood Police Officer, and urged my dad and  I to
get our real estate licenses. The first year my dad was in real estate, he paid more in taxes than he
made as a waiter working in N.Y.C.


I've sold more houses in one night at my:
How to Buy a Home Seminar
than most agents sell in a year.
Principe's Principles have been documented in various companies..
Older ad
from UCF
U.S.F. College of
Business: 1985 article
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