Originally founded in 1984
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Good enough?   Could they be better?

You really don't know, do you?

You may have a superb sales team, but
periodically  you need an objective set of
eyes  to motivate,upgrade skills and locate
problem areas which  may go unrecognized
by everyone because you may be  too close
to the problem to see it.                                  
            Lou Principe

University of South Florida
College of Business -Dean Bill
"I sat through Mr.
Principe's presentation
specifically for real estate
professionals.  It's truly
outstanding, it's presented in a
very professional manner."

We have  trained thousands of
real estate agents, received
hundreds of reference letters on
the uniqueness of this program
and the results achieved.
Partial list of Real Estate  clients:
Barnett Bank
Beazer Homes
Cardinal Holdings Corporation
Chase Manhattan Bank
Continental Homes
Century 21 Real Estate
David Weekly Homes
D.R. Horton Homes
Drummond Corporation
ERA Realty
Florida Design Communities
Florida Federal Bank
General Homes
Greater Orlando Board of Realtors
Hollywood Board of Realtors
Home Savings of America
Houston Home Builders
Lennar Homes
Maronda Homes
Marriott Corporation
Lake County Assoc. Of Realtors
Marie Powell Reality
Merrill Lynch
Mercedes Homes
Media One
Oak Run
Ocala Builders Association
Ocean Village
One Island Place
Pulte Homes
Realtors Association of Miami
Ranchero Village
Ryan Homes
Schultz Homes
Sun State Development
SunTrust Bank
The Waterways
U.S. Home
That's me,  I pre-sold condos in a potato field for
Oriole Homes in Margate Florida 1972
Today's price: $60,000
Please call my cell: 407 269 4980
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