F D I C Corruption
Click on the above link or Google  U S Inspectors General Report August 2009
Report No. AUD-09-017

Can you give your children $500,000 loans while they are still in high school?

Can you get a multi-million dollar loan for a shopping center that was never built?

FDIC wrote about it in their report above, but nothing was done. This was the second bank the Cartel took
down, so far because FDIC doesn't report criminal activity, The Banking Industry has cost the taxpayers
$300 Billion Dollars.

We, the Citizens of the United States Demand Justice!
The information is available only if you
can pay the
Exorbitant  fees based on
Suspicions of criminal activity. Read
the US Generals Report U S Inspectors
General Report August 2009Report
No. AUD-09-017

They funneled and are still funneling
millions of dollars out of the country.
I investigated the corruption & Mis-Management in the FDIC