Fox News: Homeless Program  & The Homeless Hotel
Prison Inmates
the Homeless
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please call Lou's cell
phone: 407-269-4980.
The folks staying at the motel get four weeks of shelter, training and meals. After that, motel workers have enough
training to get into the workforce and  Principe  helps them get jobs, they are just not returned to the streets. We hope
other motel and hotel owners will do the same.

Principe has over 40 years experience teaching self-image psychology, customer service and sales. He has spent
the past 15 years h volunteering his time training those about to be released from prison and the homeless.

Principe's  highly trained team of retired executives will help you set up this program in your city. This is a one of a
kind  program that has proven sustainable  documented results. For additional information please call Lou's cell
phone: 407-269-4980.
37% Increase
in knowledge
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Lou's background and experience before retirement:
I might have helped your son, daughter, father or mother in one of my shelters or
in a prison or jail.  Please, wherever you are, you may now be able to help my son
or daughter, or my grandchildren or someone's else's son or daughters.  

Please let's explore the possibilities on how you can help.

Have a Blessed day!
Casper Lou Principe

407 269 4980
Orlando, Fl
As Chairman of the Rotary Interact Club, we painted
the Broward County Juvenile Center. 1970
First few months on the  force, he was recruited by the FBI for a 'special assignment', to
help capture the # 1 Most Wanted Fugitive, Marvin Grisom.  Officer Principe was written
about almost every week in the Hollywood Sun Tattler because of the numerous arrests
he made. If any one has any old Sun Tattler Newspapers from 1969 -1970 please contact
me. I'd like to recover the articles for my Grandchildren. The Sun-Tattler was destroyed in
a hurricane destroying all the newspapers.
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