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FRONT PAGE: USA TODAY, December 16, 2009 "Fraud Cases Fell."   
F.D.I.C. Was aware of gross mismanagement in some banks for years, but
because the Directors donated  money, and have connections to the White
House, the FDIC  looked the other way and created a direct threat to our national

How did the FDIC let Bank Directors give One Half Million Dollar Loans to their
four children in high school, without any way of the children paying back the loan.
And they give Millions of Dollars for a construction project that was never built.
One bank alone that they controlled cost the US Taxpayers over $200 Million
Dollars. Please Read: The link is broker, please copy and paste:  
General Report  No. AUD-09-017 August 2009  -and pass it on to everyone you
know. This is just a small part of a much larger scheme to destroy the United

ADDITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Lou Principe through his community policing
found a company that invaded the U.S. Government Intelligence
Computer System. I have documentary evidence of everything mentioned.

In 2010 Principe assisted the Florida Terrorism Task Force in interrogating an
informant and locating three terrorists in Florida being trained to make chemical
bombs by a
Retired Brigadier General who served in Iraq.

He has had two attempts on his life over the past seven years and three death
threats in front of witnesses. The C.I. A. received two recommend letters from a
former agent and a retired C.I.A. Administrator concerning how Lou Principe can
assist them in being a talent scout for them because of his strong uncorruptible
character, unblemished record, and intelligence level.

Principe served as Chaplain at C.F.RC., Florida's State Prison in Orlando and
was the first person to teach a Transition Program in Florida where he also found
inmates lives in danger and corruption.

Principe also was Chaplin at Orange County Jail and taught his program at John
E. Polk Correctional Institution, and Seminole County 's Jail where he found
government corruption, the perpetrator was transferred to Orange County Jail
where he is still employed.

If you know of a major crime and are afraid to report it to the local police
or federal agency, you can contact me and I will pass it along to the
proper authority and never divulge your name.

If you know something and don't report it, when you die, God will hold you
responsible.  Please with your help,we can stop the corruption in the
United States. Lets not sweep things under the rug or close our eyes,
especially when our constitution is hanging by a thread at this time.
The FDIC doesn't report criminal
activity.  Every office in FDIC
operates independently. There is no
tie in to other computers.
U.S. Inspector General Report  No.
AUD-09-017 August 2009
Before the Indian Cartel, we had the
Russian Cartel funneling out money.
Brazil, Russia, India & China made a pact to take over the world,(B R I C.).
Link to: Wikipedia  BRIC   
Club of Rome Link:

These two organizations have implemented a  Machiavellian Plan to control
the United States. The Cold War changed to a Psychological War. The
United States is being raped and most people do not even realize it. How
does an ant eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
Dean Gauss was killed shortly after he wrote the forward, which includes:
"these are the same techniques Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin used to control
the population.
"Thirty percent of the police forces are corrupt."
Contact Lou Principe
Cell 407 269 4980
How to take over a country, using the
same techniques Hitler, Stalin and
Mussolini used to gain power.........
CASE HISTORY: U.S. Home, Tampa;
1,000% increase in productivity,
from a 2% closing rate to 25%
within 21 days.
I was told my program was
approved, then I was invited to
lunch the next day and was told: " I
played golf yesterday, I'm getting
the contract, not you."
Your name:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
presently under attack and want me to represent you and your voice, please fill out the
authorization form and give me your permission to divulge your names. Once I have at
least One Million Supporters, I’ll get it publicized and it will sway the elections. If no one
wants to sign the Bill of Rights, so to say, we the people need to find someone in our
neighborhoods who is much older and wiser through their experiences, to run the
country without corruption and someone like myself who knows I can die at any
moment and I certainly don’t want to screw up my life now.
(The same techniques Hitler, Stalin
and Mussolini used to control people).
The United States of America is in troubled waters today.
Todays cover: How
to take over a
person at a time.
PLEASE READ..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Special Assignment with F.B.I. , Adjunct
Professor and Chaplain., discovered
terrorist in Florida, & other investigations.
How we have been programmed like
zombies on a subconscious level.

Please check it out for yourself, the
future of the USA depends on you
sharing this

PS: I don't care what anyone thinks of me,
I only care what God thinks of me in
fulfilling my mission while I'm on the earth.
I work under a great sense of urgency.
You never know when you may be called
next to the Judgement Bar.