Our mission is to educate people in the highest form of intelligence, Social Intelligence, which is the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with
people. These psychological skills are the secrets to success. The ability to make another person’s mind receptive to what you are saying and how to have the
other person respond positively to what is being said.  You will be encouraged to think outside the box, to accept challenges and to stretch our sometimes-
recalcitrant, (stubborn), minds.  This program will motivate, captivate and win you over to a new way of thinking in a fun hands-on setting. Lou will give you
additional tools of the mind that are measurable and specific in order to improve your life beyond your wildest expectations. You will walk out of this class
knowing Lou is a master of his trade and that your time was well spent.

Ninety five percent of a person’s success in life is going to be determined by their goals and their communication skills. Would you like the ability to make
another person’s mind receptive  to what you said and have a positive response to it?. These soft skills are the hardest to learn because of the subconscious
manner in which they occur. Thousands of people who have attended this program and have sent  hundreds of  testimonial letters,  all documentary evidence of
the uniqueness of this program and the outstanding result attendees achieve.

You will learn about Epistemology - The Science of Knowledge: What people think they know, how they learned it, how to unlearn the false information
and replace it with universal truths.  If a person wants to learn something new, they have to admit that they don't know what they don't know. We are creatures of
conditioned reflex. Once a response pattern is established in terms of persuasion, then we can persuade most people to do almost anything.

We now know that individual learning occurs through mental associations, rather than storage. Just because someone can memorize and can regurgitate it back,
doesn’t mean they are increasing their knowledge. It's a scientific fact that Individual learning occurs through experience based on circumstances, environment
and association with others. Learning occurs most effectively when the individual is challenged in a supportive environment.
People only lean what they want to learn.

THE PRINCIPE METHOD involves unlearning lifetime habits and assumptions and forsaking deeply help beliefs. Motivation and Inspiration is woven into the
learning module in order to have a greater impact on learning, more so than any of the cognitive aspects of the learner’s situation. The juncture between the
emotional and cognitive aspects of learning poses the biggest challenge to those who seek to enable effective and continuous learning.
Lou Principe